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Static analysis of side-channel vulnerabilities

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David Pichardie
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This position is funded by David Pichardie's european ERC VESTA project (2018-2023), hosted by ENS Rennes.

The goal is to design and implement innovative abstract interpreters for the security analysis of programs (C, Java).




Applicants must have a Master in Computer Science. We seek excellent candidates with a solid background in Computer Science, in all the following topics:

  • formal semantics of programming languages
  • compiler implementation
  • abstract interpretation design and implementation

The position may start September 1st 2019.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, cover letter and names/contact information of two references to David Pichardie before end of June 2019. @ens-rennes.fr>



Sandrine Blazy, David Pichardie, Alix Trieu. Verifying constant-time implementations by abstract interpretation. Journal of Computer Security 27(1): 137-163 (2019) Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Vincent Laporte, Sandrine Blazy, Xavier Leroy, and David Pichardie. A formally-verified C static analyzer. In 42nd symposium Principles of Programming Languages (POPL), pages 247--259. ACM Press, 2015

Début des travaux: 
IRISA - Campus universitaire de Beaulieu, Rennes