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Responsable: Xavier LAGRANGE (Pr. IMTAtlantique)

ADOPNET (Advanced Technologies for Operated Networks) contributes to the specification of architectures, protocols, control mechanisms, and monitoring mechanisms for the next generation networks. Our goal is to build networks that are flexible, adaptive, energy-efficient, secure, and able to deliver content on a large scale to various types of terminals. ADOPNET, in particular, addresses the convergence of access networks, the combination of radio and optical technologies, and adaptive software-based content delivery networks. ADOPNET research team succeeds to ATNET and REOP teams.

Fait suite aux équipes : ATNET et REOP

Créée le : 29 mai 2015
Établissements associés: Université Rennes 1, Institut Mines Telecom - IMT Atlantique

Localisation :  Campus de Beaulieu / Cesson-Sévigné