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Responsable: Martin Quinson (Pr. ENS Rennes)

D1 targets the mastering of large-scale distributed systems. The challenges we address have a high social impact in the context of the widespread use of Internet, distributed Infrastructures and parallel computing in many aspects of our lives such as personal or business relations, government, predictions of consequences of our action on nature,…
We consider distributed operating systems, middleware, frameworks and core parts of parallel and distributed applications. The "Large Scale" focus has many different meanings that we address: number of users, machines, operations, unknowns, in equations and size of data.

D1 works are described within the following research themes:

  • Distributed Algorithms and Tools: we address the design of distributed algorithms and frameworks for ensuring coordination, performance, dependability and security of distributed applications at large scale.
  • Numerical Algorithms, Models and Tools: We address research on High Performance Computing on large-scale platforms. We focus on environmental applications and high performance computing and we deal with numerical algorithms and numerical models applied to hydrogeology and physics.
  • Resource & Data management: We address the design and implementation of efficient and autonomous resource management for large scale federated virtualized infrastructures (e.g. federations of "Clouds"). We also address the management of data accessed by a very large number of concurrent clients concurrently in data mining and very large-scale distributed file systems.
  • Models for the Large Scale: We are interested in mastering uncertainty and scale of contemporary distributed systems. In this theme we also investigate an unconventional programming models such as chemical programming and software transactional memory.

Rapports d'activité (PDF) :

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 2010 ; 2011 ; 2012 ; 2013 ; 2014 ; 2015 ; 2016 ; 2017 ; 2018

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20 jan 2020 Thèse Efficient Cloud Application Deployment in Distributed Fog Infrastructures Arif AHMED (MYRIADS) IRISA Rennes, salle Metivier